Cruise Review
American Queen
Cruise Line:
Majestic America Line
Cruise Length:
2-hour visit
at New Orleans
Lower Mississippi River
Review by:
Carmen Winkler
New Orleans
On April 6, 2007, we had a chance to visit the American Queen in New Orleans. The American Queen was docked at Erato Street Wharf next to the new terminal building. We were able to talk to some of the crew and also some of the office management. We were able so walk around and have a closer look on the new amenities in the staterooms. We saw nearly all stateroom categories. And of course we had a look on the public areas.

First thing which is easy to spot is the new color scheme, dark blue and maroon. All ginger bread is painted blue, all trims are painted blue and maroon, decks are painted blue too. The paddlewheel is painted maroon with a blue splashboard. There´s a new name board on the side which is also painted blue over two decks (the dining room area). The sunbeds, tables and chairs are now painted blue instead of dark green.

The public areas haven´t changed much. There´s a DVD library available in the Mark Twain Lounge. A new coffee machine serving espresso, cappuchino and latte including syrups and toppings is available on the Main Deck and in the Front Porch of America. Tea and hot chocolate is available too. There you also find a soda machine for the – now – free soda. The soft serve ice cream machine is still located in the Front Porch of America. New. Another addition to the Front Porch of America is a small fridge which was empty at the time we were there. It should be filled 24/7 with yoghurt, salads and lite sandwiches. The Front Porch of America still is keeping a couple of board games, cards and some toys for children (Lego, Barbie, Candyland...). New carpets have been added to the public areas. The American Queen is featuring free WiFi all over the boat (not everywhere available throughout a cruise).

All staterooms have been outfitted with the new bedding which includes high matresses, triple sheets and comfy duvets (not that blanket / sheet stuff). Portable make-up mirrors are added to the bathrooms and the showers got a massage showerhead. Each room has a small flat screen TV with a DVD player. A weather station is showing the inside and outside temperature and a forecast. All staterooms are providing robes (waffle cotton).