The Columbia Queen is not operating at this time.

The Columbia Queen was once the fourth of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company "Queens". Even though she has neither steam nor paddlewheel, the boat is the secret love of many steamboaters. She was built in the style of many historic river boats.

river cruises: Columbia Queen
Cruise Experience
As a small boat with a maximum of just 150 passengers, you're part of a family from the beginning. As a special feature, many wonderful shore tours are included except for a couple optional excursions. The Columbia Queen has elevators and available handicap rooms.

The Columbia Queen's advantage is that she's cruising in one of the most beautiful parts of America with great landscapes, through almost untouched wilderness.

The Columbia Queen was built in 2000 for the Delta Queen Steamboat Co. at Leevac Shipyards, Inc. of Jennings, LA, and was completed at Cascade General, Inc., in Portland, OR. The hull originates from a former casino boat. The vessel was designed by Rodney E. Lay and Associates, Jacksonville, FL - the same architects who designed the Delta Queen Steamboat Co.'s American Queen. Whereas Delta Queen managed to find a suitable steam plant for that vessel, however, the Columbia Queen is actually a motor vessel.

She was in service only for about 2 years when the parental company of the Delta Queen Steamboat Co., the American Classical Voyages, went bancrupt in October, 2001. Different to the other three "Queens" Delaware North Companies, Inc. did not buy the Columbia Queen in January 2003, so her future was uncertain for a while until Great American River Journeys decided that she's absolutely worth of being back in service. Great American River Journeys got into financial troubles and only run the boat for one season in 2005. The 2006 was cancelled. In October 2006 Ambassadors International purchased the Columbia Queen. By the end of 2006 Ambassadors International formed the new cruise line, Majestic America Line, which was owning and operating the Columbia Queen from April 2007. MAL went bankrupt in 2009. Today, Ambassadors International is offering the Columbia Queen for sale.